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West Vigo Prays

Leader: Tom Savage

The West Vigo Prays Prayer List

Government Leaders & Officials


West Vigo Town Council

  • Chuck Stranahan
  • Shane Smith
  • Larry Cassagne
  • Lisa McCalister


West Vigo Police Department

  • Bill Bark, police chief


West Vigo Fire Department

  • Darrick Scott, chief


Vigo County Sheriff’s Office

  • John Plasse, Sheriff


Sugar Creek Trustee

  • James Chrisman


West Vigo Library

  • Eric Fisher, librarian


Focus Ministries in the Area

  • The Helping Hands
  • The Providence Food Pantry
  • The Connecting Link
  • Kids Hope
  • KIds Hope Next>>

School Leaders

Sugar Creek Consolidated Elementary School

  • Suzanne Marrs, principal


West Vigo Elementary School

  • Angie Bark, principle


West Vigo Middle School

  • Julie Lautenschlager, principle


West Vigo High School

  • Ryan Easton, principal


Suggested prayer focus areas (in no particular order)

  • Students in our West Vigo schools
  • Your West Vigo neighbors
  • People with new homes under construction
  • The West Vigo businesses and owners
  • The West Vigo non-profit organizations
  • The West Vigo Clinic fundraising team
  • The Blessing Box initiative
  • The West Vigo Community Center
  • The West Vigo Times staff
  • The Connecting Walkway Project
  • To submit suggestions:


Participating Churches

Sugar Creek Baptist Church

  • Tom Savage; pastor
  • Tracy Lindsay; music director
  • Jeanette Snyder; office administrator
  • Theresa Taylor; Kids Hope Director

Emmanuel Church

  • Clark Cowden; pastor
  • Carla Whitesell, secretary
  • Kathie Drake, Kids Hope Director



If you are a government, school, or church leader with an entity in West Vigo and you would like to be prayed for by the West Vigo Prays intercessors, please send your name to We will not be posting contact information, only the name of the organization and your name. The list will be updated periodically. If your name becomes listed and you would rather it not be included in this prayer listing, please let us know and we will remove your name promptly. If you are a leader listed above and would like to add other team members or staff to our prayer list, feel free to submit their names.